Korean Letters

Learn how to read Korean letters.


Start learning immediately. The app is designed not to have any instructions in any language, yet you will learn how to read Korean letters as you follow through 19 chapters (5 chapters for LITE version). It shows you (not tells you) the underlying logic and also helps you memorize them for good.

Over 100+ fanatic reviews on iOS AppStore includes:

"Can't be any easier!" by Nakoruru, Feb 4 2013
Been trying to learn Hangul on my own for years and this app made it absolutely effortless. After learning all the chapters, I can read it really well now. Great app, simple and easy to use...

"Excellent, Simple, Quick" by Carrelesscarol, Jan 25 2013
This app is worth the cost. I was reading Hangul within hours of picking up the app. Anyone looking for an easy way to read Hangul need look no further.

"Perfect for first timers" by Ford fairlane, Jan 7, 2013
I've never had any experience with Korean (Hangul), and this was my first attempt at trying to learn the alphabet. Within hours, I was able to pronounce almost all of the combinations with little effort. It doesn't clog your brain with too much instruction. Instead, it focuses on repetition and logic - it lets YOU figure out the connections and why they are in the order they appear. I'm getting ready to teach English in Korea, and this has broken the ice. Excellent app!

Available on iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. Try LITE version with 5 chapters for free!


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